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Thank You for Playing JUSTICE SUCKS!

The wait is finally over…

After working hard for 2 and a half years, honing our skills and saying the word “suck” more often than anyone should have to in their workplace, JUSTICE SUCKS is officially here!

This game has been a massive labour of love for our team. Building on the short, experimental experience we released in 2019, Roombo: First Blood, we’ve finally given Dusty McClean the hero’s journey that he deserves. JUSTICE SUCKS is a colourful, chaotic cocktail of stealth, action, humour and love that we’re immensely proud of. 

A week after the game’s release, I asked the team for their post-launch thoughts, and now I’m gonna share them with you all!

Here’s what our Character Artist, Callum Williams, had to say about his time developing the game:

“It's been a really cool experience to work on JUSTICE SUCKS, and to give Dusty the love he deserves. The original game was only a very small project that we never expected to take as far as we have. As the Character Artist, I think it's really cool that people like Dusty, and I hope they have lots of fun on his little adventure. I really hope you enjoy playing the game we've put so much effort into, and finding all the little things that we put into the game.”

Cyrian Guillaume, our Art Director, wrote a message for our wonderful players:

"To all of our players, I hope that you enjoy the crazy, nostalgia-filled wild ride that JUSTICE SUCKS has to offer. This is a work of love, and we hope that you feel as much joy playing it as we have making it!"

We’ve received lots of heart-warming praise for the soundtrack of JUSTICE SUCKS, thanks to the phenomenal work of our Composer/Sound Designer, Mitchell Pasmans. Of course, we couldn’t talk about the tunes in this game without also shouting out the incredible Jacob Leaney, A.K.A Monster Mansion, who collaborated with Mitch for the main theme song, Galaxies. (Seriously, the bangers in JUSTICE SUCKS will be stuck in your head all day, obsessively compelling you to “clean up that mess”. You’ll be the most productive you’ve ever been.)

Here’s some insight into Mitch’s role during the development of the game:

"Working on JUSTICE SUCKS was a wild experience. My instructions for music were essentially, 'Hey, you know how there's that definitive 80's sound that everyone knows and loves? Do that but for the 90's.' Pretty vague stuff. Maybe we do golden era hip-hop (Run-DMC, LL Cool J), maybe 90's pop (Spice Girls, Britney Spears), maybe early techno or eurodance (2 Unlimited, Technotronic), maybe we just use the Space Jam soundtrack? In the end we sort of took a little bit of spice from each and made a delicious 90's stew while hopefully steering just clear of copyright. Enjoy!"

One of our Directors, Winston Tang, wanted to share his perspective of the game’s place in the current industry landscape, and what this means to him:

“We’ve all worked diligently through COVID, lockdowns and various other challenges, but we’ve been able to deliver a game we’re incredibly proud of. The team have all done our best to leave our mark and pour love into each part of the game we worked on, and we hope that love shines through to you as you play the game. For me, JUSTICE SUCKS is a game that reflects on gaming history and remembers what made the games from my youth great.” 

“It’s a love-letter to the weird, crazy, experimental games from the 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s made for the gamers out there who are a bit fatigued with blockbuster cash-grabs, and are looking for something new and fresh, but it also taps into the old magic that made us fall in love with games in the first place. We can’t wait for you to experience Dusty and Sexy McClean’s bizarre adventure, and we hope you enjoy the game we’ve made for you.”

JUSTICE SUCKS is our most ambitious game yet. The whole team elevated every aspect of Roombo: First Blood tenfold, and expanded this 5-week project into an epic journey through various lovingly crafted worlds. 

We’re thrilled to finally be sharing Dusty’s adventure with everyone! We hope you enjoy all the laughs, wacky battles, colourful characters and bangin’ tunes that JUSTICE SUCKS has in store for you. If you're already a fan of the game, (and why in Dusty’s name wouldn’t you be?) please consider leaving a Steam review! Reviews really help us increase the game’s visibility, meaning more players can enjoy the Tactical Vacuum Action™ and carnage of JUSTICE SUCKS!

(JUSTICE SUCKS is available on Steam, EGS, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.)

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